SDG Hackathon

Visualizing Swiss Sustainability Research

5 & 6 November 2021
on a WiFi network near you

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What is this hackathon about?


The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include economic, social, and environmental topics to prioritize until 2030. Following the Millennium Development Goals primarily aimed at developing countries, the SDGs were introduced in 2016 to both include more broad topics and address all nations.

Research in Switzerland

Switzerland is highly active in a multitude of research areas. Projects funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation are recorded in a publicly accessible database including a description of each project. We used the R package text2sdg to analyze these research projects to produce a unique dataset on research efforts in Switzerland to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

Data Visualization

We are eager to learn what information you can extract from the data. The SDG Hackathon asks you to use data visualization methods of your choice to produce insights on how the Swiss research landscape addresses the 17 SDGs. Learn from experts in the field, and use your skills and creativity to tell a visual data story.

Hackathon perks

Meet and learn from like-minded and inspiring people

Be inspired by other participants countributions and show off your own work to the community.

Keynote on effective data visualization

Data designer Valentina D'Efilippo will talk about the 3 goals of Data Design in her keynote presentation.

Data visualization training sessions

Data scientists will offer data visualization courses using R and the ggplot2 package.

  • Data science educators from The R Bootcamp will give an introduction to data visualization with ggplot in R.
  • Data visualization expert Cédric Scherer will share his favorite tricks and secrets for beautiful plots in his ggplot wizardry workshop.

Awards by jury of data visualization experts

A jury of data visualization experts headed by Nicole Lachenmeier and Darjan Hil from Superdot will go through all submissions and award the best ones.

Hackathon format

24 Hours
5 to 6 November – 17:00 to 17:00 (UTC + 1)


Datasets and tasks will be added soon - stay in touch by registering or following us on twitter.

Everyone and all skill levels are welcome, you can work individually or in a group.


Registration was open until 3 November noon (UTC+1) and is now closed.

We are looking forward to your participation in the hackathon and will be in touch via email.

Share with your friends and colleagues!

Working on the hackathon with a friend or colleague is twice the fun.


This Hackathon is jointly organized by CorrelAid Switzerland and the Center for Cognitive and Decision Sciences at the University of Basel.





Dirk Wulff

CorrelAid Switzerland University of Basel

Data Science
Dominik Meier

CorrelAid Switzerland
University of Basel

Alexandra Bagaïni

CorrelAid Switzerland
University of Basel

Data Science
Daniel Mastropietro

CorrelAid Switzerland

Samuel Aeschbach

University of Basel

Pauline Borg

CorrelAid Switzerland

Rui Mata

University of Basel

Dylan Muir

CorrelAid Switzerland